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Ideas and Works in Progress, comments invited

Welcome to the web page for Stuart Parker, an activist for social justice, ecological sustainability and electoral reform, based in Surrey, BC. This is the site where Stuart’s non-academic political, historical and philosophical work is posted.

For those who have stumbled across this blog because of its content, Stuart is a former leader of the BC Green Party, prominent activist for electoral reform, active NDP member and lecturer in History and International Studies at Simon Fraser University and Liberal Studies at the BC Institute of Technology. His full bio is posted here and his CV can be found here.

In addition to topical issues, this site features two major article series that he hopes to develop into larger, more connected works. The first, Reimagining the Political Geography of Community, reconsiders the sacred cows of progressive and leftist ideas of municipal politics. The second, The Age of Authenticity, reconsiders the hyper-partisanship between US Democrats and Republicans in terms of an epistemological (vs. ideological) divide. Recently, he has published a series of articles on public discourse about sexual assault. Those five articles can be found here.

In addition, the site contains a variety of articles on politics, culture and religion that have been grouped into a few categories. For the whole blog in order of publication, check out the Latest Articles page.

And for those committed to a trip down memory lane, Stuart’s TV appearances from the 90s and 00s are available through his youtube channel and also on this page.